Sunblaze Review by Glenn Harveston

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Posted by Harvester of Sorrow on January 05, 1998 at 07:40:24:

Rating System:
***** Essential, Forever a classic
**** Very good disc, check it out
*** Solid, but no need to hurry
** Disappointing, should have bought something else
* Fecal material

Sunblaze- Illuminating Heights (*****) The only reason that Jorg and crew
are not declared Gods is the following: 24:19. Damn, Damn, Damn…much too
short. This is excellent stuff
that left me begging for more. Very intricate lush key work highlights (no
I am not sucking up here) this disc for me. I tend to be more of a
guitar-oriented person, but I know
greatness when I hear it. Symphonic, epic, yet lush harmonies between the
guitarist and the violinist make them a force to be reckoned with. I cant
say that I have heard anything
sound quite so orchestral in a long time. The long instrumental passages
seem to flow smoothly instead of sounding forced. Although, the vocals do
have a strong accent, they are crisp
and clear andmid-range. The vocals are backed up by a small choir that runs
the gambit from Bass to Soprano which heightens the listening experience. I
normally shy away from all
eps as don't think they merit my money as much as a full disc. I almost
made one of the bigger prog mistakes of my life by not getting this….

Glenn H.