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November 23, 2005

The song Flame of Life is basically finished. Martin is now recording guitars and vocals. 

Jörg is taking part in a live show on December 17 in the Jugendzentrum Kaiserslautern. The concert is referred to as "Juz Allstars". Jörg will play songs from the 1970s, along with other musicians like Jürgen Walzer, former guitarist of Superior. Around 10 songs will be performed. Among them are Gimme Gimme Gimme (ABBA), I don't like Mondays (Boomtown Rats), Video Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles) and Tom Sawyer (Rush). There will be more bands playing that night. The benefit will be in favor of the youth center where the gig will take place.


July 15, 2005

The recordings for the new album are going quite well. It sure takes its time to shape all details and merge these into the song. But there would be no way to speed up this process other than by lowering the standards and being content with less - which we of course will not do! The rehearsal schedule (see below) may not be of relevance for most readers, but it is only meant to give a vague hint at what goes on behind the scenes in the effort to give an already finished song its final signature and improve it to a level that we are fully content with.


June 17, 2005

The current issue #3 of the Greek magazine "On The March" features an interview with Sunblaze.


June 1, 2005

A long time has passed since the last update of this website. The reason was that there was not much to tell, at least no news of progress. The recordings were not going on as fast as we had hoped and for a some time they had come to a complete halt.

The only way to get through the pile of work that needs to be done is to do it song by song. We chose "Flame of Life" as the first song to work on. It has a length of 14 minutes. Drums, bass und keyboards have been recorded in a first version, but there is need to do minor changes. Most of the lyrics are complete, too. Now Martin and Jörg are working on the vocal melodies for verse and chorus. Making a quick vocal melody is not a difficult thing to do, but making a real good one sure is. We will record several versions of attempts and will later discard all but one. We are accustomed to this kind of work from our first CD "Illuminating Heights". 

We are highly motivated and we want to finish the song as soon as possible, so we can go on with the next song. I will keep you posted on the success.


Rehearsal schedule (Martin and Jörg):

05/24/2005 New vocal melody for chorus in 3 versions. Still not the ultimate solution.
05/27/2005 Better keyboard melody for verse.
05/31/2005 We have tried and recorded more vocal melodies for the chorus. Still not fully convincing.
Martin has written a new vocal melody for the verse. This is the one we had been looking for! We will most likely use the recording for the CD, after we have done some more detail work and changed nuances first.
06/07/2005 We fixed the length and order of the verse and made yet another melody for the chorus.
06/14/2005 some orchestration of the verse
06/21/2005 recorded vocals for verse based on those we made on 05/31/2005
06/28/2005 started recordings of new guitar melody for verse
07/05/2005 recorded guitar and vocal melody for chorus
07/12/2005 adjusted speed of verse. Vocal melody for chorus fixed (final?)
07/19/2005 modified verse for second part of the song: different vocal melody
07/26/2005 No doubt: last week's verse is good. We will use it in the rear part of the song!
We went through the whole song to see what else needs to be done. There is only one weak spot left that needs to be changed. This is the chorus. None of the numerous previous attempts is satisfying. We made out the cause for the problem. It is the instruments that leave no space for vocals. Jörg will do modifications to the instruments of this part and we hope that we will then be able to find a good chorus melody. 
08/02/2005 We tried a new chorus based on the same drums, but with different chords. The result is a little better than the old version.
08/11/2005 Some vocal melodies and guitars for the new chorus. Quite good, but not fully convincing.
08/23/2005 We have created a completely new chorus which is not based on the old version .We sensed immediately that this is the chorus that we had been looking for. We had no problems finding a vocal melody to be worked out in detail. The former chorus will not be discarded, but kept as an additional part near the end of the song, not to keep  it in the song by all means, but because it fits here very well.
08/30/2005 The quality of the song has increased significantly since we started our works in may. Now we have come to a point that we can judge the whole song. We realised that the intro and the outro of the song cannot keep up with the (new) standards of the rest of the song. Both parts are too weak. Intro (4 minutes) and outro (3 minutes) will be dropped and  replaced by a new version. We have created first concepts for the new version. 






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